Superstar Singer Season 2: Winner, Contestants and Host Name

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Superstar Singer is a singing reality show hosted in Hindi on Sony Entertainment Television. 7 to 15-year-olds are the target demographic of this show. The third season of the casting process began in January 2024. On September 3, 2022, Sony TV was scheduled to host the Super finale of the second season. Six elite finalists would compete for the title, with the public selecting the winner. Muhammad Faiz emerged victorious as this season’s Superstar Singer.


Winner of Superstar Singer Season 2 (2022)

Superstar Singer 2 Winner: Mani was crowned the runner-up, while Arunita Kanjilal’s team’s Muhammad Faiz took home the gold.  In addition to the trophy, Sony Entertainment Television gave 14-year-old Mohammed Faiz a cheque for INR 15 lakhs. In addition to Aryananda R Babu, Mani from Dharamkot, Sayisha Gupta from Mohali, Pranjal Biswas from West Bengal, and Rituraj from Kerala, the 14-year-old from Jodhpur was participating. Mohammad Faiz won the title of Singing Ka Kal in Sony Entertainment Television’s Superstar Singer 2 after fiercely challenging the winner. Alka Yagnik, Javed Ali, and Himesh Reshammiya were the show’s judges.

Contestant names of Superstar Singer Season 2:

Contestant Name Age(as of 2022) Team (Captain) Status
Mohammad Faiz 14 Arunita Kanjilal Winner
Mani 11 Salim Merchant 1st Runner-up
Sayisha Gupta 10 Pawandeep Rajan 2nd Runner-up
Pranjal Biswas 12 Salman Ali Finalist
Aryananda R Babu 13 Pawandeep Rajan Finalist
Rituraj 12 Salman Ali Finalist
Samaira Mahajan 9 Sayli Kamble Eliminated
Harshita Bhattacharjya 12 Arunita Kanjilal Eliminated
Vishwa Vasisht 13 Salim Merchant Eliminated
Chetanya Vashisth 13 Sayli Kamble Eliminated
Rohan Das 11 Arunita Kanjilal Eliminated
Pratyush Anand 11 Pawandeep Rajan Eliminated
Aruna Das 14 Salman Ali Eliminated
Divyansh Thakur 10 Salim Merchant Eliminated
Tanishka Sarkar 13 Sayli Kamble Eliminated
Lavanya Singh 9 Pawandeep Rajan Eliminated
Soyab Ali 14 Salman Ali Eliminated
Jaidyn Suman 12 Salim Merchant Eliminated
Anmol Gaur 11 Arunita Kanjilal Eliminated
Tejal Geete 11 Sayli Kamble Eliminated
Aarohi Roy 9 Salim Merchant Eliminated

Host name of Superstar Singer Season 2:

Aditya Narayan hosted Season 2 of Superstar Singer. He even earlier hosted TV shows. Aditya Narayan, often called Aditya Udit Narayan Jha, is a Bollywood singer, dancer, and actor. He earned a lot of fame in singing. He will host this season of Superstar singer.


Since its premiere, Superstar Singer 2, a kids singing reality show on Sony Entertainment Television, has not only won over viewers’ hearts but also showcased the incredible talent in the nation.   Mohammed Faiz, the winner, received the ‘Superstar Singer Trophy’ in addition to a ₹15,000,000 cash reward for this season.

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