MTV Roadies Winners List Of All Seasons (1 To 19)

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Roadies was an instant hit on MTV India. The show is popularized for its thrill and fierce competition after contestants are required to endure tasks of strength, and endurance. The show, which began in 2003 has had several hosts and celebrity mentors who lead contestants along the way, Every season offers candour to someplace high or low, with goosebumps and drama. The challenge and competitive spirit in Roadies always make it a hit among the audience. Together with 19 seasons, the show empowers individuals to be strong and determined; making it a favourite on Indian TV.

Quick Facts And Highlights Of MTV Roadies

Check The List Of MTV Roadies Winners and Wait a moment before we tell you here about this show. MTV Roadies is a reality show that puts its contestants through gruelling tasks and challenges, to assess their physical well mental strength. They go on to different destinations and do various tasks, along with eliminations done according to votes and performances. The show, which is presented and overseen by star mentors, has been greatly appreciated for its blend of drama with adventure and competition.

By 2023 MTV Roadies has been up to season 19. We will go through what the winners of every season have accomplished. List of Winning Names Section Finally, we will go season by season and decide whose moves did pay off.

MTV Roadies Season Winners List

Season Episodes Year Winner Name
1 27 2003 Rannvijay Singha
2 30 2004-2005 Ayushmann Khurrana
3 17 2005 Parul Shahi
4 17 2006-2007 Anthony Yeh
5 20 2007-2008 Ashutosh Kaushik
6 21 2008-2009 Nauman Sait
7 22 2009-2010 Anwar Syed
8 28 2011 Aanchal Khurana
9 27 2012 Vikas Khoker
10 17 2013 Palak Johal
11 18 2014 Nikhil Sachdeva
12 22 2015 Prince Narula
13 24 2016 Balraj Singh Khehra
14 26 2017 Shweta Mehta
15 28 2018 Kashish Thakur
16 28 2019 Arun Sharma
17 30 2020-2021 Hamid Barkzi
18 34 2022 Ashish Bhatia & Nandini G
19 40 2023 Vashu Jain

MTV Roadies Season Wise Winner List With Name And Details

This post contains details of the winners of all the MTV Roadies seasons from 1 to 19, including their names, brief backgrounds, and the specific amounts they received.

Season 1 Winner Name – Rannvijay Singha

The season first on MTV in 2003, with Season 1 of Roadies airing from August to November. Hosted by Cyrus Sahukar, this season took the team from Chennai to Chail. Once the task was completed, Rannvijay Singha won, earning ₹5,00,000 and a bike, while Natasha Gulati emerged as the runner-up. This season showcased the show’s potential, pushing contestants to their limits with various physical and mental challenges that tested individual endurance and group strategy. It laid a strong foundation for the show’s future popularity.

Season 2 Winner Name – Ayushmann Khurrana

The second season hosted by Rannvijay Singha aired from August 2004 to March 2005. The season saw winner Ayushmann Khurrana, who later turned actor and singer. Candy Brar was the runner-up. The ride began from Kolkata with a reward of ₹5,00,000 for winners along with bike giveaways to all the participants. This season solidified the popularity of the show and raised further difficult tasks.

Season 3 Winner Name – Parul Shahi

Parul Shahi won the third season, which aired from November 2005 to March 2006 while Rahul Sharma came in second. The series began at Jaisalmer and ended at Leh, and the grand prize was 487000 Rupees plus the top five finishers each got a motorcycle. This marked an escalation in this evident from the fact these activities seem to be used now as a combination of both Psychological issues as well as Physical problems.

Season 4 Winner Name – Anthony Yeh

The fourth season aired from 2006 to March 2007 and saw Anthony Yeh crowned as the winner. Gurbani Judge was the first runner-up. The route traversed diverse parts of the country, and the winner walked off with a cool ₹3.75 lakh as prize money. This season increased the difficulty of challenges, solidifying its legacy as a show just relentless enough to put contestants through enormous amounts both physically and mentally.

Season 5 Winner Name – Ashutosh Kaushik

The show’s fifth season, which aired from October 2007 to January 2008, saw Ashutosh Kaushik as the winner. Nihal Nikam emerged second overall. Notably, this season went to international locations such as Thailand and Malaysia for the first time in TAR history, and “Advantage tasks” were introduced. The winner got ₹2,30,000. With challenges that provided contestants with extra votes, the season also heralded in foreign excursions to heighten the thrill of competition.

Season 6 Winner Name – Nauman Sait

The sixth season aired from November 2008 to April 2009, taking contestants to Australia. Winner Nauman Sait won ₹3,62,000, with Lonkiri Timing as the runner-up. This season had extreme outdoor adventures designed to test the contestants’ survival skills in harsh environments, pushing them to their physical and mental limits. Nauman Sait’s victory was well-deserved, as he consistently performed well in the challenges and maintained a strong strategic game throughout the season.

Season 7 Winner Name – Anwar Syed

The seventh season, hosted by Rannvijay Singha and Bani J, was televised from November 2009 to June 2010. Anwar Syed was declared the winner, while Zaid Bin Nazir became the runner-up. The winner received a prize of ₹90,000, and the season once again travelled overseas to Kenya and Egypt, among other destinations. As the show went global, tasks became more varied and difficult, maintaining high viewer engagement.

Season 8 Winner Name – Aanchal Khurana

The eighth season was won by Aanchal Khurana, who entered the house as a wild card entrant on the 59th day, with the finale on June 3, 2011. Mohit Saggar was the runner-up. This season introduced the concept of ‘Gang Leaders’ where contestants could choose to be a part of a gang headed by a former contestant. The tasks took place in Brazil, and the grand prize was ₹4,00,000. This new format added another strategic aspect to the competition, making the game much more difficult and exciting.

Season 9 Winner Name – Vikas Khoker

Vikas Khoker emerged as the winner while Himani Sharma became the runner-up during the nine seasons whose airing was from January through June 2011. A sum of ₹6,17,000 was offered as a reward in this season which had its challenges take place within America. As usual, The game show sought to present fresh tests that sustained its versatility and enhanced interest among viewers who follow it without faltering. These new and international tasks made this season especially great because they were so much harder than any other seasons before then.

Season 10 Winner Name – Palak Johal

In the tenth season from January to May 2013, Palak Johal became the winner, with Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon as the runner-up. Bani J served as the host, while Rannvijay Singha and Raghu Ram were mentors. The theme, ‘Battle for Glory,’ saw ex-contestants fighting against new ones. The winner received ₹4,50,000. The intense competition and high stakes created memorable moments and dramatic confrontations throughout the season.

Season 11 Winner Name – Nikhil Sachdeva

In January – May 2014 the show aired its eleventh season, with Nikhil Sachdeva winning. The runner-up was Utkarsh Khanna who came second after him. This season’s concept was rather different from what it used to be before – no more groups with leaders but instead, it became fully about personal challenges. The winner received ₹3,20,000. Contestants showed growth in personal traits during the program and proved that they can overcome difficulties by themselves since they participated in different difficult challenges.

Season 12 Winner Name – Prince Narula

Prince Narula won the 12th season which ran from January to June 2015, and Gurmeet Singh Rehal was the second. Among the gang leaders this season included Rannvijay Singha, Esha Deol, Vijender Singh and Karan Kundra. The winner got ₹5,00,000 from it. This season started his subsequent success in other reality shows due to which Prince Narula has since been identified as an opponent who is difficult to compete against and at the same time loved by many.

Season 13 Winner Name – Balraj Singh Khehra

Season 13 of Roadies, which aired from February 2016 to June 2017, saw Balraj Singh Khehra becoming the victor. Navdeesh Singh finished second. Hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca, this season showcased the strategic gaming skills of leaders like Rannvijay Singha, and Neha Dhupia, and wild card entries Sushil Kumar, Prince Narula, and Karan Kundra. Balraj won a Renault Duster and ₹5,00,000. It was also one of the longest rivalrous and strategic alliance seasons ever.

Season 14 Winner Name – Shweta Mehta

Season 14 was telecasted on MTV India from February to July 2017, and it was won by Shweta Mehta. Baseer Ali was the runner-up. This season, which was also hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca, focused on fitness and stamina. Neha Dhupia-led gang took home the honours, and Season 14 was indeed a mix of physical strength with mental acumen. Shweta Mehta bagged the title of winner along with INR 5,00,000. Created to push contestants’ mental and physical boundaries, this made for one of the most rousing seasons seen on The Challenge.

Season 15 Winner Name – Kashish Thakur

The show came back to television on 15 February 2018 with Kashish Thakur as the Season 15 winner, airing from February to August 2018. Preeti Kuntal was the runner-up. This season was hosted by Rannvijay Singh, but the gang leaders were Raftaar and Nikhil Chinapa. The season was a special edition titled Roadies Xtreme, which gained a reputation for its tough adventure tasks. Kashish gave a powerful yet tactical performance that depicted his prowess in tackling the exams both physically and mentally. The sum of ₹5,00,000 was won by Kashish Thakur.

Season 16 Winner Name – Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma is the winner of season sixteen which was telecast from February to August 2019. The first runner-up was Ankita Pathak. The season was hosted by Rannvijay Singha and gang leaders included Raftaar & Sandeep Singh. Arun clinched a prize worth ₹5,00,000 and a Droom Used Super Bike. The season emphasised real-life heroes and the genuine happy endings they brought to life through each competition. These tasks accentuated the audacity and fortitude of the contestants, making the season a great and conspicuous one.

Season 17 Winner Name – Hamid Barkzi

Hamid Barkzi

The seventeenth season was won by Hamid Barkzi, and aired from February 2020 to January 2021. Michael Ajay was the runner-up. The season, titled “Revolution,” saw Rannvijay Singha returning to host the show along with gang leaders Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, and Varun Sood. Hamid was rewarded with a Jawa Bike for himself and a ₹3,00,000 donation to Nikhil Chinapa’s cause, emphasising social impact and responsibility. It was a very socially conscious season that had a significant focus on social issues, and the contestants made efforts to bring about positive change.

Season 18 Winner Name – Ashish Bhatia, Nandini G

Ashish Bhatia, Nandini G

Season 18 had a partner format, with teams required to play together the whole season. Jashwanth Bopanna and Yukti Arora emerged as the first runners-up, while Ashish Bhatia and Nandini G took home the win. It was shot in South Africa from April through July 2022, and the winners were awarded ₹10,00,000. The presence of buddy pairs and international tasks made the show more exciting, with Sonu Sood as the host. This season will never be forgotten, with challenges that forced contestants to bridge gaps and depend on each other like never before.

Season 19 Winner Name – Vashu Jain

Vashu Jain

It was hosted by Sonu Sood and aired from June to October 2023. The title was won by Vashu Jain, and Siwet Tomar finished as the runner-up. This season included bikes again and had a theme of “Karm Ya Kaand” with ₹6,00,000 as the prize. Gang leaders were Gautam Gulati and Rhea Chakraborty, Prince Narula was the only one to continue as a solo contestant. The new elements and challenges that were put in made the season interesting, therefore adding another intriguing chapter to the legacy of Roadies.

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